Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cloning and Islam

"The aim of cloning in plants, animals and is to improve quality and increase productivity, and to find a natural cure for many common human diseases. The improvement in the quality of plants and animals and the increase of productivity is not prohibited from a shari'i perspective and it is among the things that are allowed. Also, the use of plants and animal cloning to cure human diseases, especially acute ones, is allowed in Islam.As for the cloning of humans, it could be done by taking a body cell from the male, extracting its nucleus, merging it with a female's egg after removing the egg's own nucleus. This male nucleus in a female egg would be transferred to a woman's womb to double and grow. Hence, it would become a foetus and then a baby, which is a duplicate of the original male from whose body the cell was taken. Also, cloning could be done among females only without a need for a male. This is done by taking a cell from the body of a female and extracting its nucleus in order to merge it with a female's egg. Then, the egg is transferred to a woman's womb after it is merged with the cell's nucleus, to grow and become a foetus and then a baby, which is a duplicate of the female from which the cell was taken.".By this statement, we can conclude that nothing wrong about the cloning process if it done in right way and the reason to do so is for the own good. But in islam, the cloning of humans whether it's males or females it can be disaster. why?

1. The production of children in this manner is different from the natural way that Allah made humans to reproduce their offspring.

2. The children who are born out of cloning females, without a male, have no fathers.

3. Loss of kinship.Islam has obligated preserving affinity and maintaining it. The cloning which aims at producing people who are outstanding in terms of their intelligence, strength, health, and beauty would mean choosing the people with characteristics among the males and the females regardless of if they were married couples or not. This would lead to the kinship being lost and mixed.

4. The production of children through cloning prevents applying many of the shari'i rules, such as the rules of marriage, kinship, alimony, fatherhood, sonship, inheritance, custody, Maharim and 'Usbat (forbidden degrees of consanguinity) in addition to many other shari'i rules. The affinity would get mixed and would be lost.

Taken from : Thanks for this article, it help me to clear up my mind about what is cloning and the relationship with Islam, I hope you all so ok...

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